Making the future happen

The world of new technologies is dynamic, exciting and constantly moving forward, with companies and academics constantly perched on the brink of pioneering new discoveries and inventions.

In the East Midlands, we work hard to support such visionary thinking, by encouraging collaborative working and innovative networks that result in a hotbed of creativity.
  • With a history steeped in advanced engineering and manufacturing technologies, pioneering developments are the norm in the region and this sector enjoys considerable investment and support.
  • Advanced materials capability in England's East Midlands has evolved from the motorsports industry to become a unique and increasingly important cluster of companies involved along the whole composite product lifecycle.
  • Fast growing and supported by UK government, nanotechnology in the region is supported through innovation networks designed to encourage close collaboration between business and universities.
  • The East Midlands leads the way in space applications, with a number of exciting initiatives set up to support the sector as well being the home of the National Space Centre
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