The United Kingdom has the second largest aerospace industry in the world; and at the heart of the UK's share in this dynamic sector is England's East Midlands. We have one of the highest concentrations of aerospace companies in Europe and many world-leading businesses have established a strong presence here, where they benefit from better access to their supply chains, and their sales and distribution channels.

The East Midlands is home to one of the world's largest aerospace clusters - systems designed and made here are found on the most advanced aircraft.

The region accounts for around 15% of the UK aerospace industry by value and employment, with 25,000 workers. R&D spend on aerospace in the region ranges between £260 and £300 million per year and the region is home to some of the world's leading high-tech companies, including ALSTOM and Thales, plus Rolls-Royce's HQ and main manufacturing facility.

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