There is a bright future for companies looking to partner with research organisations in England’s East Midlands. The region is a hotbed of cutting-edge scientific research and has a track record of working with business, joining with their market knowledge and production abilities to bring new technologies to market.

When Chinese clinical diagnostics giant Shanghai Upper Biotech (Upper) wanted to form a new organisation that would be able to take advantage of specific developments in diagnostics for point-of-care testing (POCT)and in-vitro diagnosis instrumentation, they approached Dr Sijung Hu. Dr Hu, a Senior Research fellow at Loughborough University, was recognised by Upper for his knowledge and past experience in commercialisation of technologies.

Dr Hu says there is an unique expert team at Loughborough that understand Sino-UK business culture, and a biomedical systems engineering facility to fill up the requirements of POCT instrumentation R&D from his partner in China. Dr Hu got in contact with the East Midlands China Business Bureau, an arm of the England’s East Midlands team who work specifically with organisations from China wishing to work within the East Midlands, and with organisations in the region forming links to China.

This gave all-important access to Chinese speaking business experts, who were able to guide the company’s initial enquiries and put them in contact with the right group of people to facilitate their new business venture.Melanie Davidson, Business Relationship Manager for Healthcare and Bioscience at England’s East Midlands was able to advise the company on the landscape of healthcare companies, expertise and support available in the East Midlands.

An appointment with a legal firm specialising in the field was arranged to discuss the legal requirements of the firm launching a research company in the region. The high level of company support provided by the team through the VIP Fast-Track Programme ensured the right people were brought together to get the process moving.

The programme is designed specifically to give each individual business participating what they need to get up and running in the UK as soon as possible. Where innovation relies on quick market entry, VIP Global Fast-Track can streamline processes and identify the right people to make it happen. company would be registering to attend the annual Medica conference in November, there was a fresh urgency to register the UK arm of the company as soon as possible.

Through their dedicated Business Relationship Manager, the company were put in touch with the director of the Healthcare and Bioscience iNet, an East Midlands network supporting businesses in this field to bring innovative ideas to reality. They were able to offer crucial advice on applying for funding to boost the UK company, plus identifying further sources of funding which could be available to the company as they continue to grow.

A joint venture between Shanghai Upper and Dr Hu, Ansivia, were formally registered in October 2015 and their introduction into the UK market was ready to begin with continued support available via the VIP Fast-Track programme, with benefits such as a year’s free membership to the Chambers of Commerce. Dr Hu comments: "The Ansivia team very much appreciated the tailored offer from the East Midlands China Business Bureau and Business Relationship Manager for Healthcare and Bioscience at England’s East Midlands, to effectively form the Ansivia firm.

“Also, Ansivia received the tangible support and input from MediLink EM and iNet, which allows Ansivia successfully display their next generation POCT machine in MEDICA09, Düsseldorf, Germany in 2016.”

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