In England's East Midlands you will find all the talented, trained employees you need. Our workforce is growing faster than almost every other region in the UK and the skills, adaptability and quality of our people are renowned.

Our eight highly acclaimed universities generate 47,500 sought-after graduates each year, creating a continual pool of talented recruits

The region is at the forefront of the latest developments in transport technologies, healthcare, and energy. DNA fingerprinting and the MRI scan were developed here, while our expertise in satellite navigation, high-performance engineering, alternative energy and fuel cell development are shaping applications and possibilities worldwide.

For international businesses, our strong service skills and world-class language capabilities are an incredible asset. Alongside excellent productivity, efficiency and strong working relations, it all adds up to a workforce you can rely on to get you results.

“The people in the East Midlands are educated and adaptable. You have the ability to build a team of people who certainly bring the right sort of attitude to work with them.”
Malcolm Hewitt, RCI Northampton

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