Quality of Life

Happy employees are productive employees, and they're far more likely to stay in their positions for longer, reducing staff turnover and company recruitment and training costs.

So it's good to know that in the East Midlands your employees will not only have a good quality of life, they'll also be more likely to stay with you. For example, major call centre operators in the region have reported that staff retention rates in the East Midlands are above 60% compared with only 30% across the UK as a whole.

The East Midlands is a great place to live and work. We have the second shortest average travel-to-work time in the UK - only 22 minutes - contributing to making this region an attractive place for businesses and families.

And with all that extra time there's plenty to do in the region – national parks, historic houses, world heritage sites, music and theatre, sporting and first class leisure facilities. And of course, our residents benefit from excellent healthcare and education.
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