Cost Competitive

Costs are a major concern for any business, particularly when setting up operations in foreign markets. Property, salary, transport, tax; these key costs can have a significant impact on the success of any business operation.

In the East Midlands, the costs of operating a business are lower than elsewhere in UK, enabling companies to run cost-effective operations over the long term, and improving their bottom lines:

Lower property costs
The average cost to purchase industrial property in the East Midlands is 16% below the UK national average
The average cost to rent an office in the East Midlands is 25% below the UK national average 
Lower salary costs
Salary costs are 10% below the UK national average
Lower transport costs
89% of the UK is within four hour’s truck drive, cutting transport costs
Lower corporate tax costs
The UK’s corporate tax rate of 28% is lower than mainland Europe

Demonstrating cost savings
The East Midlands team offers a business modelling tool, developed by Ernst & Young, which enables the team to model costs over the whole life of the investment project, and compare these with a range of other international locations.
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