A key consideration for any business looking to find the perfect location is how well connected it is. Doing business depends upon speed and reaction - the faster your can deal with supplier issues, orders, customer requests, etc, the quicker your turnaround and the better your customer satisfaction levels.

England's East Midlands, with its setting in the centre of the country's communications networks, satisfies on all counts:
  • England's East Midlands embraces all of the UK's telecommunications networks and offers a fantastic choice of WiFi hotspots
  • We are at the heart of the country's transport infrastructure, just an hour from London, with direct freight routes throughout the Uk and into Europe
  • The region's roads put us in easy reach of major UK cities.
  • Our international airport provides around 180 daily flights to international destinations and boasts the UK’s largest pure freight terminal
  • Dedicated rail freight centres and high-speed passenger links into Paris and London make the region even more accessible
  • The country's major east-coast ports are just two hours away
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